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I was introduced to the Maestro Rods almost 2 years ago while fishing with Elite Pro BJ Haseotes. He allowed me to use a couple of his Maestro rods. From the first cast I was impressed. I launched the bait to the next county. Moments later I hooked a fish and was impressed with the power of such a super light rod. After that experience I was convinced I needed to get my own - better to have a few of the BEST than many of the good. I have used many high end fishing rods over the last 20 years - and was constantly searching for the ultimate fishing rod and I can honestly say that I have found it. Powerful, light weight, extremely sensitive and the best value in a high end rod. Rapsody Fishing rods are responsible and instrumental for several wins and help me WIN the 2010 MASS. BASS Federation Nation Angler of the Year and 2012 STATE TEAM MEMBER. Louie Bernardo 2012 Mass. Bass Federation State Team Member.

Louie Bernardo
2010 Mass. Bass Angler of the Year

ProSitesUnlimited_June2013_200x266.jpg  When we relocated Pro Sites Unlimited to Florida, we called Rapsody and said, "We're going to need a bigger rod!" Considering the cover and the beasts that roam Florida lakes, finesse is rarely the pattern of choice down here. They throw big baits on heavy line tied to rods that better be able to take it. I unwrapped a Rapsody Maestro 7' HVY Action rod a few days before our first trip to Lake Okeechobee. Good thing. I was tossing a Live Target frog in a lilly pad field when a tidal wave sucked it under. After a few anxious moments at the boat, I lifted the biggest bass I've ever caught from the net. Thank you Rapsody.

Lake Okeechoobee - 10.5 lbs. - Maestro 7' HVY Action
June 15, 2013
Ray Otterson - Pro Sites Unlimited


I was introduced to Rapsody Rods by my clubmate Tom Presnell, who is a pro staff and been using them for years. What a rod! Great balance, torque and the beautiful red blank makes it a rod you wanna be proud owner of. I skip a lot of finesse jigs with baitcasting tackle, and the 7' Med Trigger Rapsody Maestro(RMBC701MF)is a perfect choice for this. I own a few already, but I just ordered one for my wife so that we can go fishing together with these great rods! Kaz Ota Licensed Fishing Guide & Pro Staff of American Bass Shop.

Kaz Ota
Woodside, NY


My fishing partner/best friend/significant other got me a little itty bitty 5' 9" 'dock rod', spinning model for Christmas last year. I was tired of fishing behind people and not being able to get under brush/trees/docks like they could. I am pretty short, and longer rods made it pretty hard for me to get the wrist action and swing I really needed to have for good accuracy. This rod made dock skipping a piece of cake - it is amazing what you can do when you have the right tool for the job!!! Not only has that 'little' rod done the dock skipping thing for me flawlessly, but I have used it for throwing wacky style Senkos for Chaumont Bay smallies and it has landed every tough fighting hard pulling smallmouth I have ever hooked with it! Including a 5 1/2 pounder!!!!! You just can't ask for more versatility in a rod than that!!!! Barb (VP/Sec Salt City Bassmasters)

Barb Elliott
Richland, NY


WOW. I mean WOW! So I set it up with my oldie but favorite Mitchell Garcia 300 and 12lb Stren Mono. The translation of what's happening at the hook to my hand was amazing. It was like switching from VHS to BluRay HiDef! I could tell bites from bumps on the bottom and I took two great smallmouths out of 2 different spots. I was able to be more patient and set better hooks because of the action. I had a couple of other hits this weekend and nothing that bit got away. The other thing that I didn't consider is that my casting was also noticeably more accurate while fishing tight spots and longer when using 2 hands. The Maestro just changed the tune for me!

Scooby Carolan
Troy, NY


It didn't take long for me to fall in love with my Rapsody Maestro 7' flipping stick. As an avid jig fisherman, having a rod that is comfortable in my hand all day without fatigue is a must. The beautifully contoured handle is well designed and the light-weight blank and Recoil guides make for a sensitive and responsive extension of my arm. I can make pitch after pitch and hardly feel the effort. Trust me, I wouldn't recommend something if I didn't believe in it. This is one of the finest pieces of equipment in my boat. For a rod combining quality, sensitivity, weight and cost... Rapsody hit the bulls-eye!

Tom Presnell
Executive Editor
Fishlines Magazine


I was first introduced to the staff and products of Rapsody fishing company at the 2010 Bassmaster Classic in Alabama,I could not help but to notice the quality and craftsmanship put into every rod from the Maestro series to the Overture series. That only comes from the attention to detail. I'm now the proud owner of three Rapsody rods,the Maestro 8'RMBC801HMF which I use for frogging and grassmat flipping,it has the mod-fast action tip to walk any frog and the backbone I need that got me this almost 7lb. girl out from under some very thick weeds, I've always been a fan of the RECoil guides for braid too.I also own the 7'4" RMBC741XHF Maestro extra heavy action. I had been wanting to replace a pitching and flipping rod that I have had for almost 20yrs. And this Maestro fit the bill perfectly for both comfort and muscle,this is a great rod. I also have a 6'6" med. Overture spinning rod that I've caught both largemouth and smallmouth bass with. this rod has a great parabolic curve sensitivity for light line. Thanks Rapsody!

Jim Mayberry
Delanco, NJ


I was first introduced to Rapsody Fishing this year at the 2010 Bassmaster Classic in AL. From the moment I placed one of these rods in my hand, I knew it was a match made in Heaven. The sensitivity of these rods are unmatched and the engagement of the backbone when setting the hook are second to none. I have already captured a 1st place, 3rd place, and 5th place finish out of three Bass Tournaments. The two rods that helped me achieve these finishes were the Maestro 6'10" MXF Spinning rod and the Overture 6'6" MF Spinning rod. Being a Native of Jersey, finesse fishing is something I have really dedicated myself to. The fishing pressure these lakes get make it hard for any angler but with the quality of Rapsody, I feel the subtle bites and don't miss fish when setting the hook. In addition to the previously mentioned rods, I have also purchased the Maestro 6'8"MHF Casting rod, the 7'4" XHF "Beast", the 7'0"MHM Casting, and the Overture 7"0" MHF Casting rod.

Leon Ames
Mt. Holly, NJ


Folks I have to tell you. I have been an avid tournament angler for a few years now and I was introduced to the Maestro Series just a couple months ago. I never thought that I would part with the rods I had been using. One week after using the Maestro series I had a complete set in my boat and my other rods were for sale. You have got to try them! The first tournament I used them in proved themselves. I was throwing a deep diving crankbait using, of course, the crankbait rod when this 6lb toad came up and hit me right at the boat. I had to play her out for a couple minutes to get her in, but the rod definetely helped me land her. She ended up being big bass of the tournament and everyone wanted to know what I was using. The color of the rods caught their eyes, as it should. Give one a try... You will not be disappointed!

Chris Wayand
Bossier City, LA


I purchased two Maestro spinning rods early last summer, and have been very impressed with them. I like the weight, the Recoil guides, and the sensitivity of the blanks, not to mention the great red finish of them. They have the backbone to land a big fish and the ability to feel the slightest bite. I caught a walleye on the med-light action that weighed in excess of 10lbs.

David Suttle
Ft. Edward, NY


I had purchased some used name brand rods from another angler, and in the process the name brand rods were broken in shipping. In working that out he brought up Rapsody rods to me and he gave me some of the backstory and described them. After some thought I purchased a XH-F flipping stick from Rapsody and was completely dumbfounded. This was the lightest, most sensitive, and most comfortable rod I had ever held in my hand. I flipped and pitched in the pouring rain, with 15-20MPH winds, with a temperature of about 58 degrees which is cold in Texas, and never felt any fatigue. These rods are just out of this world! They are incredibly lightweight, sensitive, ergonomic, and natural. I started to outfit myself to a certain brand of fishing rods, to discover these in the middle of it. Now I am finding that I am working to outfit myself with nothing but Rapsody rods. What started out as a single flipping stick, has turned into an additional flipping stick and a topwater stick. I'm already planning on my next two Rapsody rods and what I'm going to replace with my current rod selection. These rods are amazing in every way. The comfort, weight, adaptability, added on with the amazing line guides of the Maestro series. I broke a rod tip not long ago because the line guide didn't give. With the Rapsody Maestro, I don't have to worry about that again. The line guides give, then return to their original setting! A line guide with memory! How amazing is that!!??? I'm sold on these rods. They may not be popular in Texas yet, but I will definitely be pitching them to every person I know. Hopefully by the next tournament season, my deck will be lined with Maestro Bass red rapsody rods. If you have a doubt, just try one rod. That's what I did, I just tried one. Now I'm hooked!

Bryan Bailey


I began using Rapsody Rods this year (2009). I fished 4 tournaments this year and finished in the top ten in all 4 events, including my first BFL win! The only change I made from previous years was a switch to Rapsody Rods! I'm now a believer and loyal customer.

James Schneider
Albany, NY


These rods are awesome! I used them this fall to win the BFL Regional and finish 13th in the BASS Southern Open, both as a co-angler. I used the 741MHF and the 761MHMF with 20lb Seaguar fluoro and 50lb braid to flip beavers in thick hydrilla. I had no problem pulling 3 - 6lb bass out of the thick grass. In the BASS, I drew a top name pro and he had ONE bite all day. I had 6 bites and caught 4. The sensitivity of these rods helped me detect bites that he could not feel with his equipment. In the BFL Regional, I brought 4 bass totaling 14.12lbs the first day to lead while my boater had 2 fish. My 3 day 7 fish total was a little over 25lbs. Buy one and try it and I promise you, you will order more. They are stunningly beautiful in the sunlight, but don't let that fool you. These rods are strong, light and extremely sensitive.

Jonesboro, GA


I have never had a better rod to match my fishing style like this one. Late 2009 is when I had received mine and I have only one rod from Rapsody, which is the Maestro 7ft medium heavy fast action but that's my main go to rod now. I fish for pike and bass with spinners and crank baits primarily and I can feel every thing that happens with my lures and when a fish latches on. I can fish it in still water for pike and largemouth to moving currents for smallies and know every time I get a hit. I have about 8 different rods and none of them react like this one. I fished my one and only tournament this year and it couldn't have been a worse day to pick with temps in the high 20's to low 30's through out the day. The bites were slow and light to the feel but I was still able to land my limit and our boat still placed 8 out of almost 30 boats. Not bad for the last day I have been able to fish till the water freezes over. I am currently gearing up this winter for the start of next seasons weekend tournaments and I will be working on switching all my rods over to these great rods. If you are looking for the perfect rod then you can not go wrong with them. I just wish I could use them for ice fishing I know I would have better luck than last year.

Marc Fisher
SO Glens Falls, NY