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Cast and be heard

Posted by admin on March 4, 2013


Let the RodGeeks be heard. We're working on a new rod series and we want your help in determining lengths, powers, and actions for your favorite tehniques.  A little background - these rods will feature the same blank technology and material as our Maestro(R) Series, and the rods will be made with high quality ceramic ring guides.  The handle, reel seat, guide sizes, lengths, and actions all are to be designed with your help.  We are targeting a $129 price for these rods, and if we hit it these will be an unbelievable value.  RodGeeks, we need your help.

What do you want in a Rod?

Posted by admin on March 4, 2013

RodGeeks - WE NEED YOU!  We are starting work on our new Maestro 2 Series and we would like your input on what rods should be in this family.  Tell us what technique you want to fish, then tell us what length power, and action you want for that technique.

These rods will feature the same state-of-the-art blank technology as our Maestro Series, and the rods will be built with high quality ceramic guides.  Selling price is targted to be $129, so these will be the most extreme performance rods on the market at thtat price.

Geeks, tell us what you need.