The New Hot Rods Are Here!

We listen to our pro staff and our customers, and based on your input we have made some changes to our Hot Rod line-up. We have improved the actions on The One and Amphibious Assault, and we are adding a great flipping stick to the series.  

The One – This 7’ Medium-Heavy power, Fast action baitcasting rod has been very popular since we introduced it 3 years ago.  This rod is very versatile, so if you are only going to have 1 baicasting rod, this should be The One.  We just made it better by making the tip more sensitive and improving the overall balance of the rod, while not altering the solid backbone. Now more than ever, this is The One you want for jigs, spinnerbaits, worms, and more. 

Amphibious Assault – This 7’3” baitcasting powerhouse has Heavy power and Fast action.  It was designed to throw frogs into heavy slop, but it also works great with big jigs, Carolina rigs, and big swimbaits.  Similar to The One, we improved this rod by adding some sensitivity to the tip while preserving the power. It casts longer and more accurately but still has enough tip to bury the hook set. This rod is now dialed in.

And introducing…

Flipper – This 7’6” Heavy power Moderate-Fast action Hot Rod is a classic flipping stick.  You can flip, pitch, throw swimbaits, umbrella rigs, frogs, and fish any other big bait in your arsenal.  This rod is surprisingly light and balanced given the punch it packs, and you can fish it all day without it wearing you down.  This is a nice complement to our 7’6” extreme powered rod, The Beast, which is for the heaviest baits and the heaviest cover.  Our customers asked for a powerful big stick that is relatively light and versatile, and Flipper is our answer, and at $109, it is an extreme value. 


A modern hot rod provides tire-spinning power and road car finesse, all integrated into a beautiful package. With lots of backbone, technique specific actions, great sensitivity, and aggressive looks, our Hot Rod Series lives up to its name.

Look under the hood of the Hot Rods and you'll find blank designs that reflect the advice of our Pro Staff and dozens of other fishermen who have given us input. You speak, we listen. You wanted a 7'6" broom handle for your heaviest baits. Got it. You wanted a powerful yet limber fiberglass crankbait rod. Got it. You wanted more power balanced with great sensitivity in your drop shot rod. Got it. Some of you wanted a dedicated umbrella rig rod. Got that too, and a lot more.

We build these blanks into fishing rods by adding very high performance components – Fuji reel seats, Kigan guides, and comfortable cork handles, all assembled with best-in-class workmanship. The end product is a line of tournament quality fishing rods that represent the most performance per dollar you will find anywhere. Just what a hot rod should be.

Fish a Hot Rod and leave your competitors in your rearview mirror. 

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