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Rapsody Recap with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Joe Sancho

Posted by admin on March 18, 2014

photo James Overstreet

2014 Bassmaster Elite Series
Event 1: Lake Seminole, GA

Rapsody Rods: So Joe Sancho, what did you think about your first elite series event?
Joe Sancho: It was absolutely awesome experience. Obviously I wanted to have done better, but I knew going into this that there was going to be a learning curve.

Photo Laurie Tisdale

Rapsody Rods:  What were some of the learnings you took away from this event?
Joe Sancho: 
I had never been on Lake Seminole so I went down there wanting to at least put myself in the right areas.  And I think I did that as several of the top guys were fishing right next to me.  Day one should have been much better.   I had 4 fish on but they were just nipping at the baits.  Day two was just flat out tough on all of us.  Those Florida strain bass don’t like the cold. 

Rapsody Rods:  As a rookie, how’d the other anglers treat you?
Joe Sancho: 
They were great. I was very surprised how many of them knew my name and were coming up to me as asking me “How’s it going?” and would want to talk fishing.   It is pretty cool to be prepping tackle and chatting with guys you read about.  Everyone has been great. 

Rapsody Rods:  How did you feel going into the event, what was the plan?
Joe Sancho: 
I felt pretty good.  I had located 3 or 4 backwaters that had good numbers of bass.  They were skittish, but you could see they were wanting to lock on the beds.  I also felt really good about a main lake jig bite I had found.  It was deeper water (8 to 9’ with stumps) and I felt would be less impacted by the cold weather that was forecast.  I was hoping for an early draw, but I wound up middle of the pack.  The plan was to check my sight fish spots and see if I could get on some of the bigger fish I had found.   I would then go check the main lake stumps, and head back to the shallows in the afternoon.   

Rapsody Rods:  Tell us about your better presentations and what equipment you used?
Joe Sancho:  During practice I was never able to get anything going on reaction baits.  All my bites came from either sight fishing or soaking a jig.  Had to fish slow, and then slower.   My best presentation sight fishing was a Reins Axe Craw fished  on the Rapsody Hot Rod Worminator (6’8” MH Fast Action); ¼ oz. bullet weight and 12 lb. Hi Seas Flurocarbon Line.  Around the deep stumps, I was using the Rapsody Maestro RMBC761MH, 20 lb. Hi Seas Flurocarbon, 3/8oz black/blue jig with a Reins Axe Craw as trailer.

Rapsody Rods:  What’s next?
Joe Sancho: 
No time to rest.  Off to Palatka, FL to start practicing for Elite event on the St. John’s River.  I’m going to put my head down and work to find some more fish and expand on what I learned at Lake Seminole.  I expect it will be another sight fishing event.